So who is doing what on the Web? Hint: A lot of it is in Chinese…

BigDataI’ve seen some great data lately showing how folks are using the Internet in 2013 and also comparing that data to other online and general computer activities (remember, a HUGE amount of the stuff we do on our computers worldwide is NOT on the Web).

Anyway, great post here showing the top 30 Web sites in terms of monthly traffic. Bet you have never heard of a lot of them, unless you also read Chinese:

But that article is in part based on this really useful list over at Digital Marketing Ramblings of every social network the author can find:

It’s a great place to check out some networks you haven’t heard of.

I also wanted to link to this chart over at Wired, however, that I discovered while researching info for a class last week on data visualization. It compares some really big data sets, including all of the business e-mail sent in a year and Google’s index of all of the content it has found on the web. Most surprising to me? The size of Kaiser-Permanente’s database of electronic health records of the folks it insures.

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